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The Colby Memorial Library is committed to empowering and enriching our community by providing free and equal access to traditional and digital resources. We hope to promote lifelong learning, inspire creativity and enrich lives from the youngest to the oldest. 

Our regular programs include Mystery Book Club, Cookbook Club, Weekly Storytimes, Monthly Baby Storytime, Yearly All Community Reads, Special Community Programs, School Vacation Week Activites, Special Seasonal Storytimes, Olde Home Days, Summer Reading Program events and much more. 

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is committed to offering timely resources and programming that appeal to all ages and interests. 

We are pleased to partner with SoRock (Southern Rockingham Coalition for Healthy Youth and the South Central Public Health Network in an initiative to provide Naloxone (commonly known as narcan) to our community. Naloxone can reverse an opioid overdose.

While we have long had Narcan for library staff to use in case of an overdose in our building, thanks to this partnership we can now offer it to members of the community enabling them, should they witness an opioid overdose, to possibly save a life.

While Naloxone can reverse an overdose it is important to always dial 911 before administering.

"This is worth doing if it saves even one life. These are so important to have in our communities," said Mary Jo Gallagher, Library Trustee who was a strong supporter of the project.

The box, with easy to follow instruction cards, is located on the main floor. Please feel free to help yourself. Our supply will be replenished, at no cost to us, by our partners. We are grateful to Charlotte Scott, Program Director of Sorocknh and Kate MacDonald, Public Health Specialist at South Central NH Public Health Network.

NaloBox Indoor Overdose Rescue Stations are installed in public spaces as a community based solution to a nationwide epidemic. "Opioid overdose can quickly lead to death if no intervention is made. If we begin to treat opioid overdose like any other bystander enabled medical response, we will begin to reduce the stigma often associated with opioid overdose," according to the program support materials.

Library staff, and other town employees also recently receieved updated training in CPR and AED, as well as narcan administration.

Photograph left to right: Charlotte Scott, Kate MacDonald and Mary Jo Gallagher

Join us Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM for our knitters and textile group. Former director and knitter extraordinaire Dottie Billbrough is usually here to lend support. Mostly it is a chance for knitters to share their work, socialize, and have a bit of time to work on their ongoing projects. 

In June our Cookbook Club will share recipes from the Baking Yesteryear cookbook. The Cookbooks and magazines books are available at the library. 

The Cookbook Club Meets the third Saturday of each month at 11:30 am. New members are always welcome! Members pick a theme for each month and then prepare a dish to be shared with the group. We have a large collection of cookbooks and magazines for inspiration. 

Call us and let us know what you are bringing!

Have you tried hoopla?

Over a million free ebooks, audiobooks, movies, tv shows, and music are available with no wait! 
Go to to get started. 
You will need an email address and your library card number. 
Selections may be viewed or listened to on your computer or on a host of digital devices. Items may be downloaded with WIFI and then streamed later on a device without a connection.
Borrow up to ten items a month and also Bonus Borrows that don't count against your total.

Curbside Pick-up Available on Request

Feeling under the weather or unable to come in? Just let us know and we'll be happy to bag up your books and bring them outside.